Terms of Service

Long story short

To put it shortly:
  • we have put in a lot of work to make this tool publicly usable, you will not replicate or reverse engineer our solution and content or act harmfully towards us in any way;
  • we expect common sense from your end while using our services, we will not be held responsible for any kind of harm, damage or loss you might encounter due to our services;
  • our application relies on external data providers, hence we can not fully ensure that everything is up to date and 100% correct, especially given the nature of the data (opening times, navigation times, business statuses etc).

Thank you for using Plaan

These terms of service (“TOS”) define the conditions and liabilities of using the Plaan Adventures website and Plaan application (“our services”) for both you and us. Please get acquainted with these TOS and contact us if you have any questions. By accessing or using our services, you agree to comply to our TOS and privacy policy.

Who are we

Plaan Adventures OÜ is an Estonian legal entity with register code 16408737. Its primary field of activity is providing a software as a service solution to ease travel related planning by generating daytrip itineraries based on user’s profile and terms and preferences for the trip. Plaan Adventures OÜ can be reached via email info@plaanadventures.com.

Limitation of liability and other disclaimers

Our services provide location and navigation data which originates from external providers. Our proprietary algorithm uses this data to generate an optimal itinerary for the user or group of users. The itinerary is not aimed to be a perfect match, but rather a good enough guideline for the given time of exploration. The recommendations from our services are intended as a guide and not explicit orders. Please exercise common sense when following the guidelines of either our services or the external applications our services might direct you to, such as navigation applications.

Due to the nature of the data our services provide, it can not be and should not be determined as completely accurate. Under no circumstances and under no legal theory will Plaan Adventures OÜ be held accountable for any losses obtained or harm caused by the usage of our services.

Intellectual property

Our services and the content within belongs to Plaan Adventures OÜ. This includes our brandbook, the proprietary algorithm, the source code of our services, the blog posts and images. This excludes the data obtained from third party services, such as places’ information (including name, coordinates, address, photos, atmosphere and contact data), navigation data and images obtained from third party services. The users of our services may not copy, reproduce, reverse engineer or commercially exploit any of our solutions or the content within. Screenshots of our services may be shared with other parties as long as the underlying meaning of the content remains unmodified.


Generating a plan through our services requires a Plaan Credit (PC) and each PC is to be paid for. The payments for PCs will be handled via Stripe, meaning we do not have access to or gather more information as a result of the payment process than Stripe discloses to us. PCs can be purchased from within the web application. You have the right for a refund for your most recently used PC in case you are unsatisfied with our services. Repetitive refunds might lead to termination of our services as stated in the Termination of usage section.

Mailing list

By signing up to our application, we will contact you using the email obtained from the 3rd party authentication provider. We will respect your wish to opt-out at any point.

Use of content

Our services rely on location, places and navigation data from Google Maps API and Mapbox. Users of our services must comply with the terms of services of these providers, as do we. Most notably, users must not cache, store or create a library of the places’ or navigation data obtained from the use of our services.

Termination of usage

Plaan Adventures OÜ has the right to terminate the user from using our services when violating our TOS, is acting abusively towards our services (such as deliberately slowing our services down, performing unnecessarily many costly requests, requesting constant refunds or causing damage in any other way) or is deemed unethical by us in any way. Usage will also be terminated in case the user has requested the deletion of his/her personal data from our system.

The user may also be terminated from our system by explicitly requesting so. This is covered in more detail in our privacy policy.


We may revise these TOS from time to time. You will be notified of the upcoming changes and will be bound by the revised TOS in case you choose to continue using our services.

These TOS are governed by the laws of Estonia, regardless of where you use our services from.