How it works


Choose your starting and finishing points

Start by defining your start and finish.

Keep things open or set a finishing time if necessary to let Plaan help with time management.

You can always come back and adjust these on the go.


Add places you already have in mind

Before adding each stop, you’ll be able to review the details, set your intentions, time constraints and choose the transportation option.

Plaan will use your intentions to estimate how much time to account for the stop. You can always change these on the go.


Get suggestions based on your mood

Plaan will suggest the best possible options based on everything it knows by now.

It will account for any time constraints you have set for the other stops or for your finishing point.

This way you won’t need to waste time considering places you don’t have time for.


Review the route

Oversee the projected timetable and make adjustments on the go.

Play around with different starting times, reorder, add or skip stops to see how it would affect your schedule.



Take Plaan on the road to get en-route recommendations and track your schedule.

Open prefilled turn-by-turn navigation in your favorite maps application with a single click.