Privacy policy

Long story short

To put it shortly:
  • all the data we collect on you is for our eyes only, is only used for analysing our performance and improving our application;
  • we do not profit from your personal data in any other way than through improving our application;
  • to learn how we protect your identity while using cookie trackers, please refer to What information is collected and how section.

Thank you for using Plaan

This privacy policy (“PP”) states the data we collect, its usage intent, its storage and protection strategy and opt out possibility when using the Plaan Adventures website and Plaan application (“our services”). Please get acquainted with the PP and contact us if you have any questions. By accessing or using our services, you agree to comply to our terms of services and that you have acquainted with our PP.

Who are we

Plaan Adventures OÜ is an Estonian legal entity with register code 16408737. Its primary field of activity is providing a software as a service solution to ease travel related planning by generating daytrip itineraries based on user’s profile and terms and preferences for the trip. Plaan Adventures OÜ can be reached via email

What information is collected and how

Plaan Adventures website (our landing page) uses Google Analytics cookies. These cookies provide us with purely analytical data regarding the amount of visits we get on our landing page. None of the data we gather with the cookies can be linked to an individual.

We have taken the following steps to maintain your privacy while using our landing page:
  • we have entered into a data processing agreement with Google;
  • we have enabled IP anonymization with the cookies we use and have disabled the User-ID feature in Google Analytics;
  • we have disabled any data sharing with third parties, which includes Google as well (Google producs & services, benchmarking, technical support, account specialists and access for sales experts are all disabled);
  • we are not using any other Google services in combination with Google Analytics.

Plaan Adventures OÜ uses third party providers to authenticate the user to our Plaan application. We only obtain the email and the name of the user from the third party providers, which we store in our database. We do not have access to, can not obtain nor store any passwords the user has set up in the third party providers. We also do not use or store any passwords within our services.

User has the option to provide us with the contact email on our website. This email is stored in Plaan Adventures OÜ personal mailing list as is not shared with any external parties or unauthorized personnel. Either by obtaining your email from our landing page (by your explicit submission) or from your sign up in our application, we may use it to contact you via email, unless you have explicitly opted out from receiving any emails from us.

During the usage of the Plaan application, the user generates the following data which is stored in our database:
  • the date and time of user routes;
  • user routes’ origin & final destination locations;
  • the preferences and constraints the user has for specific routes;
  • the other users and the emails of any people the user might invite to share the route with them (the buddies of the user);
  • information about which places the user has already visited, is not interested in or might want to visit some other time;
  • the places or locations which the user has chosen to visit during any given route;
  • the time when user has started navigation to a certain location from a certain location;
  • the time when user has ended a route;
  • the geoposition of the user (if user has explicitly enabled location services from within the application), which is only stored when the user chooses to skip a place or add an extra stop before the final leg of the route (used to mark the starting location to the next leg);
  • all the information above if the user has joined another user’s plan as a buddy;
  • any feedback the user leaves for the places;
  • any messages (in the form of feedback, complaints or general information requests) between the user and us.

How is the information used

Any data we collect from the user is not shared with any third parties outside our services and is used solely for our communication with the user or for the improvement of our services. We may share some of the data within the application without identifying the owner/author of the data, unless we are explicitly permitted to do so by the user, such as feedback, photos, reports etc.

During the route generation, our algorithm uses third party services such as Google Maps and Mapbox to obtain places and navigation data. During this process, no information is disclosed which could lead to the third party provider to link the reqests to a specific person. Simply put, third party providers will not learn about the user’s preferences, constraints or any other data related to the generated route.

Because of the embed Google maps and Google photos’ requests from within the clientside application (separate from our back end application or API), Google LLC might be able to connect the requests (along with its content) to the device making the requests. This could lead to Google LLC learning about which navigations and places the user is interested in.

When choosing to use turn-by-turn navigation with an external maps application, the user is accountable for the maps application provider terms of service and privacy policy.

When sharing other kind of data with us (places feedba

How is the information stored and protected

The personal data we collect on our users is stored with third party cloud service providers. The data is located in servers within the European Union. The data is backed up regularly and access to the data (including backups) is limited to only authorized personnel.

Deleting your personal data

You have the right to have your personal data removed from our system. This means that we will delete or purge all the data that can be linked back to your identity. To achieve this, please contact us directly (find our contact info under the Contact info section in the PP). Deleting your personal data will result in termination of usage of our services.

Contact info

Plaan Adventures OÜ is an Estonian legal entity. Its primary field of activity is providing a software as a service solution to ease travel related planning by generating daytrip itineraries based on user’s profile and terms and preferences for the trip. Plaan Adventures OÜ can be reached via email

Opt out

User may choose to opt out of from us collecting their personal data. This, however, leads to termination of the user’s priviledges to use our services as the personal data is crucial for us to provide our services up to our determed standards.


We may revise this PP from time to time. You will be notified of the upcoming changes and will be bound by the revised PP in case you choose to continue using our services.

This PP are governed by the laws of Estonia, regardless of where you use our services from.