Your travel planner for the day

Plan your day within minutes and easily adapt to changes on the go

Visit more places by being prepared for the day

Travel itinerary generator Plaan layout and features

Travel planning made easy

Be prepared with minimal preparation


Find the best stops for you

Use the places you already have in mind or let Plaan make personalized suggestions.

These can be based on what you're in the mood for, a specific area, the schedule or something else.


Get a sense of your timetable

See how your day would look like while you’re choosing stops.

Plaan instantly calculates the time needed for navigation and stops based on your intentions.


Easily adjust on the go

Let Plaan guide you with smart suggestions.

Adjust on the go with possible detours to visit more places or easily make changes to the route whenever you feel like it.

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Place suggestions

Express what you're in the mood for and save time by letting Plaan find the nearby places that best suit your preferences, schedule and other constraints.

Timetable overview

Get a sense of where you'll be at what time. Easily reorder, add or skip stops whenever you feel like it and instantly see the updated schedule.

Route optimization

Plaan will let you know if there's a more efficient way to move between the stops so that you can focus on exploring, not the logistics.

Smart navigation

Plaan will suggest extra stops you'd enjoy that are on the way or with a small detour. You will also be notified if it’s getting tight when you need to be on time.

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment, Plaan is FREE of charge. In return, we kindly ask you to help us shape Plaan to best help you on your travels by giving us feedback :)

Yes, almost. Plaan's recommendations are based on Google Maps so every region with Google Maps support is also available in Plaan.

Plaan will start off as a web application. This means that you can use it in the web browser on your phone, tablet or desktop. Currently you can't download it from a mobile application store, but the user experience is built with mobile-first mindset.

Absolutely! Finding cool places of interest can be rather fun. Plaan can help formulate them to an optimal plan.

You sure can! Just set the same finishing location and you have yourself a round trip with Plaan :)

Yes! Places can be added or skipped whenever you see fit.

Absolutely! Plaan can help you keep track of the schedule and propose changes on the go, be that making a detours to visit new places or skipping a stop to save time.

Right now we're thinking of having 1 plan at a time. The whole idea with Plaan is to allow you to plan the daily details or the itinerary as late as possible so that you would have the best feel for your mood, the weather etc. However, if you feel like preparing multiple itineraries in advance, let us know and we'll be happy to adjust!

You sure can! You can adjust all the details from start/finish locations to individual stops. Plaan has no fixed start or ending. It's more like a timetable simulator so that you could get a feel for how the day would roughly play out.

Absolutely! Plaan can help with the logistics, suggesting popular places in the intermediary towns and en-route, proposing places for lunch/dinner and much more.

Yes! Plaan helps you move around the city efficiently so that you could visit more of the places you picked out and even suggest spontaneous detours.

Yes. The ones demonstrated in the example are just to give you the feel of how suggestions would work. There will be more categories to better adjust to your needs.

No problem, once you've gone through the recommendations you can tell Plaan to suggest the next best things!

Plaan means plan in Estonian. The whole concept of Plaan is inspired by the most frequent question we asked ourselves before going out exploring - "What's the plan?" or "Mis plaan on?" in Estonian :)
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We're still working on Plaan and expect it to be ready soon. If you'd like us to let you know as soon as it's usable, leave us your email, and we'll be sure to keep you in the loop.