Under the Algarve Sun in Portugal

Where to Stay and Where to Go In Algarve

The Algarve area has a pretty coastline with fantastic beaches and small towns.

Because of its climate, Algarve is a preferred holiday destination for many.

We were lucky to stay in this region for a month and saw lots of beauty just before hoards of tourists started roaming in for the summer.

I completely understand why so many people visit it. There is anything for everyone - whether it is golf, beach, surf, party, historical or a relaxing holiday.

But where to stay? Where to go? Here are some most memorable places we visited:


We stayed there for four nights and got to cruise around the area a bit. Very nicely taken care of, with fancy neighborhoods.

Extremely quiet and with a lush nature! Probably because people use sprinklers to water the grass but we have to admit - it looked marvelous.

There are a lot of golf courses around which all looked unique as well. We stumbled upon one of them almost by accident and it looked like in a dream! It is also a more wallet-friendly area if you want to be near Vilamoura.

Golf course next to the beach in Algarve Unique golf courses at your service at the beautiful Quarteira


This is a super-rich and exclusive area near Quarteira. Its harbor with luxury boats was very impressive.

We drove through it and didn’t spend much time there. But it is worth mentioning because it’s a seemingly more posh area in the middle of these surf villages and resort towns.

It suits well for a walk along the promenade and enjoying a drink in the sun. If you want to pamper yourself, this is the place to stay.

Marina yacht club in Algarve An exclusive area with a marina full of smaller and bigger luxury boats


We went to Benagil to take part in a kayaking trip to Benagil cave - one of the most impressive natural sights.

We aren’t really into any ‘’musts’’ during trips, but if someone asked for such a recommendation, it would be the Benagil caves. That’s just too unique not to see.

There are numerous options to reach it - kayaking, boat trip, SUP, or even swimming there. The main cave is just a short 5-10 minute swim away from a nearby beach, but do mind the unpredictable ocean and signs by the authorities.

Benagil caves on a sunny day in Algarve Visit to the Benagil cave - one of the most impressive natural sights in Algarve


The southwestern part of the Algarve is a special place nature-wise. It’s perfect for surfers due to the strong winds. Others usually want to visit it for the castle.

We were 5 minutes late and therefore, couldn’t enter it, but found out later that it isn’t that special anyways… just a thick wall. So much for the ‘’must-dos’’ during trips.

Regardless, the views there are just amazing as you can gaze at a long coastline of high cliffs and the seemingly endless ocean.

Sagres coastline on a sunny day in Algarve Breathe in salty ocean air and gaze at a long coastline of high cliffs at Sagres


We went there for a day trip via train from Lagos. Ooh, what a gem this place was - we were so impressed!

It made a way into our hearts with its colorful houses, tiny streets, beautifully groomed green parks and lots of pretty blossoms.

The town is split into two main parts by a river, which brings the whole area into life. Street musicians are playing on the bridge, lovely restaurants are set upright on the side of the river. You can also spot the crabs hanging around in the riverbed. All in all, great vibes.

Painted door of a white house covered in flowers in Algarve Tavira impressed us with its colorful houses, groomed green parks and blossoms


Our hometown for a month! Lagos is considered a resort town. However, during our stay in April and May, it was pleasant and rather quiet - probably because it wasn't the high season yet.

Still, some musicians and artists were on the streets, creating a lovely buzz to enjoy strolling around. With each day closer to the summer, we noticed how more and more visitors were filling the city.

It has a beautiful marina with a long and well-maintained promenade, which leads to a super lively old town. Lagos also has good access to beaches between caves and hiking trails.

Sandy tunnel through coastline cliffs in Algarve Beaches between caves and hiking trails are just around the corner in Lagos

Ponta da Piedade

It was a perfect hike from Lagos. It rewarded us with the breathtaking limestone coastline and hidden grottos.

The rock formations look stunning with direct sunlight on them as they look very colorful and grand.

One other hike is to Praia da Luz - a smaller resort town near Lagos.

Cliff formations next to open sea in Algarve Hike to Ponta da Piedade rewarded us with the breathtaking limestone coastline

Last thoughts on Algarve

All in all, we 100% recommend Algarve. You can find almost anything from water sports to quiet strolls around the old town. If you base your accommodation in Lagos, Tavira or Quarteira, you’re definitely up for a treat!

We would encourage you to visit it during the off-season. Just a break before Summer or extending it to September sounds perfect as the climate was already comfortable in April and May.

Happy exploring!


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