How to Feel at Home When Actually Being Far Away From It

Simple Steps to Improve Your Travels

Here you are. You successfully reached your Airbnb, and you have a decent roof over your head, but it all feels just so... weird.

So, how to feel better when in a new environment? It is different for everyone. Heck, you might not have this problem and feel comfortable anywhere you end up. But it is not the case for me.

So here are 5 tips I have been using to make myself feel more at home:

0. Find the right option for a long-term stay

Before we get started, first and foremost, you need to find a place to stay. Now, depending on your reason for traveling, the options can differ. If you have a long term stay in mind, there are a couple of boxes to check that I wrote about in this post.

1. Unpack right away

You might have the urge to go and explore the city in an instant but think about when you come back to the place. Will it be all messy, with your suitcase open in the middle of your room, spending 5 minutes trying to reach for the toothbrush?

Or is it beautifully waiting for you so you can relax, enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea? Remember, you are here for a long time, the city is not going to run away from you. Some might say the same about that suitcase, but my suggestion would still be to unpack it right away.

You will see if you need anything for a more comfortable stay from the store or could ask your host. You can let your clothes air and unwrinkle from that tight suitcase situation. The place quickly turns into a home when you have all your things ready for use and the empty suitcase is thrown in the back of the closet somewhere.

2. Find a specific place for everything

Also, there is the thing about stress. Moving to a new place is as stressful as it is. Your surroundings are constantly changing, also the pieces of property you stay at. But not necessarily the specific places where to store your stuff.

You would not want to stress your brain with the unnecessary. An organized home is essential to increasing productivity. When the house is messy with things laying around, they drain us and our capability.

So everything should have its own place. In addition to just being more homey and comfortable, it has a noticeable impact on your productivity. And while you will work a lot from home, who wouldn’t take a chance to improve that?

Daniel Levitin also wrote about it in "The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload".

3. Rearrange

If it is not in the rulebook that the host is against moving ANYTHING, it would not be wise to still do it. But if it’s not stated anywhere, my guesses are that carefully moving a couple of pieces around can’t harm anyone. On the contrary, this could only benefit you.

As a remote worker, it is essential to have a couple of working stations ready for when you have to be productive. Think about that dining table in the darker living room. Maybe you find a room for that in some lighter environment. This living room might be better for relaxing and getting your workout done.

Or that unnecessarily decorated bookcase with all sorts of random stuff. Can you empty it and make it your go-to storage instead? Does it have to be in that specific corner, or would it look better elsewhere?

Consider how you usually have these things arranged at home. If you decide to do it, make sure you take pictures of what the place looked like before so you could arrange it back to the way it was before you leave.

4. Cook at home

Being on a trip makes us want to try new foods and restaurants every day. This might not be the best option for your health, financial status, or long-term goals. If you are settling for more than a few weeks, opt for cooking at home regularly to get rid of that vacation feeling and feel more at home.

For some, it might just be that pasta you are used to making with your friends that makes you feel more relaxed. For others, this is the chance to get familiar with local produce and try the new tastes at home.

Our optimal choice is to mix both. On more special occasions, visit some food trucks or restaurants to not completely miss out.

5. Regularly clean it

The place is not yours = you don’t have to take care of it? Wrong. From time to time, it is wise to tidy it a bit yourself. I can promise you, you will immediately feel better.

If everything is constantly organized and clean and you have a pack of fresh towels and sheets ready to go, it makes the place homier. Schedule that time in your calendar to get these things sorted.

When looking for apartments, usually the place where you can see a washing machine and a broom standing in the corner of a maintenance room says this place is a sparkling clean gem anyways, and your part is going to be extremely easy.

So in conclusion...

It all starts with finding a good place. Then it gets easier when you unpack right away and organize. And to top it off, rearrange if possible, cook at home and regularly clean it. Enjoy your stay!


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